Welcome to the Ocean City Running Club Website!

Currently, the group meets every Wednesday and Saturday for group runs. Check the website ‘Run Schedule’ for times and locations if you want to join us! The group originally simply met and ran together, which is certainly beneficial for individuals from a motivation perspective. We are simply a group of folks who would rather run with friends than run alone. We have been in existence for over four years. In that time, our membership has grown exponentially which has caused us to recently create a Board of Directors, consisting of 6 positions, to help keep the group organized.

You may want to know about pace of the group. It is really all over the map as well as the training. Some folks are training for half marathons and full marathons while others are simply trying to get their butts off the couch. 🙂 The pace varies from folks that are in the 6/7 minute mile range and some that jog at 11/12 minute mile pace—Plus, those who walk. We love walkers! We have a combination of men and women that attend the runs too. Saturdays is our largest group run of up to 15 runners and we sit, chat and eat breakfast at A Bagel And…after the run. It’s a great group and there is a ton of value and motivation! For the winter months, our Wednesday night run moves to the Boardwalk since it is well lit and provides a safe running surface. In the summer months, when our days are longer, the runs meet at Assateague Island Welcome Center and the group runs that paved trail that is also marked for distance every quarter mile. If you’re training for speed, this is a great place to do so.

We collect membership fees for those that want to become members (initial fee of $35,. Then $20 for every following year). The value that a member gets includes race discounts (OC Tri-running 20% off their races), a comfort station at some races with supplies and food at no cost, a place to drop your stuff at those same races where it will be watched until your return, a shirt and/or gear during the membership year and meetings/social events at no cost. There are other discounts as well. We know that not everyone will want to be members and we want to encourage folks to come out and run or walk without having to pay any fees. We do need to charge a membership fee so that we can maintain our services and provide for our club.

You can see the info about the runs on the ‘Run Schedule’ page. A lead would be happy to meet you at an upcoming run if you’d like. If that’s the case, just let us know and we can give you the details and look for you if you decide to come. If you need more information about the Ocean City Running Club or you would like to be added to our distribution list, we’d love to hear from you. Drop an e-mail to the club at oceancityrunningclub@gmail.com. We’d love you to come run with us! You can also check out our Facebook page by searching “Ocean City Running Club.”

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  • Tyra Cornish  says:

    Hi, I was wondering where you guys do your runs and how I can sign up and where to come for that ? I haven’t ran in a little while but I’d love to get back into it and running with people just makes it easier and more fun. Plus a great motivator. Would love to hear back,

    • ocrunning  says:

      Hi Tyra,
      Check our calendar for run days/times/locations.
      We would love to have you join us. No sign up required, just show up!

  • Larry Price  says:

    Is there any way to get into the race on Saturday, April 29, 2016?

    I just found out about the race and would like to participate in the Half Marathon.

    It’s a birthday present to myself.

    Thank you,
    Larry Price

    • ocrunning  says:

      Happy Birthday, Larry!
      You can register Friday from 1pm – 9pm at the OC Inlet.
      Also see our calendar for other upcoming running events.
      Enjoy the run!

      • Larry Price  says:

        Thank you.

  • Doug  says:

    I’m coming down to vacation in berlin Maryland this week. Would I be able to join the group for your Saturday run? Would there be a fee for a one time run? I would be interested in buying a t shirt if possible as well.

    • ocrunning  says:

      Hello, Doug!
      Absolutely, group runs are open and there is no fee.
      You may want to “like” our FB page to keep in the loop of runs and who will be the weekly lead.
      You can also reach out to Lauren Brueckner regarding a shirt purchase.

  • Nancy  says:

    Will be in OC this weekend and am training for MCM. Is it possible to run with you all? I’m supposed to do 20 this weekend; any miles are good miles so anything 10 or higher would be great. I run around 11 min miles and would appreciate any company. Thanks!

    • ocrunning  says:

      Absolutely! We welcome all runners. Please visit our FB page and post there also. You will most likely get responses from members and where/when they plan to run. Enjoy your stay!

  • Nancy Howard  says:

    The Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum is having a 5K run/walk on Sat. Nov. 12. OC Trirunning is doing the reservations for us http://www.octrirunning.com Would you please share this info with your members. If you have questions please call me at 443-235-4405. Nancy Howard

  • Adam Coughlin  says:

    I’m coming to town this weekend to visit my sister and was looking for a running group to get some miles with. Do you meet on this Saturday at A Bagel And… or just end up there after the run?

    • ocrunning  says:

      Hi, Adam!
      Yes, there is a run scheduled for this Saturday starting at the “A Bagels And….”.
      However, I also recommend that you visit our FB page and post there to get a feel for who else will be there. I believe there is a 5k at the Greene Turtle (WOC) that same day, and not sure if the group will cancel the weekly run based on that.
      https://www.facebook.com/groups/154401164678489/ Go ahead and visit the FB page. If you’re not a member already, make a request and I’ll add you. It’s a great place to keep tabs on runs, events, etc.

  • Sue Cook  says:

    Will you have the Lyme Awareness 5 K this year? If so when is the deadline to sign up?

    • Temp User  says:

      Hello, Sue!
      If the run is scheduled then OCTri Running would be the organizer. Please check their website for date and registration information.


  • Marty Buxton  says:

    Hello Ocean City Running Club,

    Trivium Racing would like to invite you to the End Of The Road Marathon and Half Marathon on Sunday October 29, 2017 in Waterfall PA. You will be running an apocalypse-themed race on the Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike which winds its way through 5 miles of tunnels! This race is USATF certified and a Boston qualifier, however please keep in mind that this course does have some rough patches/potholes, and while not as challenging as trail running caution should still be taken. The tunnels do remain in pristine condition and are perfectly navigable with headlamps.

    Head over to http://triviumracing.com/event/endoftheroad/ to learn more and sign up. Use coupon code endroad2017 for 15% off per registrant! (expires March 1st)

    See you at the End of the Road!

    • Temp User  says:

      Thanks for the info.
      I will post this on our FB page.

    • Temp User  says:

      Thanks for the info.
      I will post this on our FB page.

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