April 2014 – Interview with Beth Hanson

1) How long have you been a runner and what sparked your interest to begin running? I started running about 15 years ago. A neighbor and I decided we were going to begin running together. We started out with one mile and gradually built on until we were running 3 miles every morning. We did a 5K together and that did it for me. I was hooked.

2) Where are some of your favorite places to run? I have been running in my Bishopville neighborhood for years but love to run just about anywhere. When we go on family vacations, the first thing I do is map out my run.

3) What is your “fuel” of choice (aka pre/post workout meals, supplements, etc)? What are your favorite recovery foods after running? I have always run on an empty stomach. But if the run is later in the morning I eat cottage cheese. Gross I know, but it provides protein and seems to digest quickly. Post run I like to have a protein shake with lots of fruit and almond milk. I have an addiction to protein bars…I would rather have a white chocolate macadamia nut cliff bar than just about anything!

4) What are some of your goals/accomplishments as a runner? I ran many 5ks in the beginning but a friend of mine and I decided to train for a half marathon (which happened to be the first OC half/full marathon 10 years ago.) It was a great experience and I ended up doing the same race several years later. But my favorite distance now is the 10k. It’s just a good distance for me. I guess my goal is to keep running until it stops being fun.

5) What are two hobbies outside of running you enjoy doing? I love to read and garden. So I am set regardless of the weather!

6) What do you love most about running? It has to be the way I feel after a long run. Plus, when I am running I can let my mind relax. But I learned to run with a friend so I also find it therapeutic to chat with whoever is running next to me.

7) What’s your most embarrassing running moment? I was running with a friend and we saw this ferocious dog. We were too afraid to run by it so we flagged a car down and asked them to drive us past the scary dog!

8) How do you juggle busy life/running? I have to force myself to get out of bed early so I can run before work. And my Saturday run is such a part of my life that I simply never schedule anything at that time.

9) What’s your favorite race and why? The first 10k I did. It was the perfect temperature. The day was beautiful and I just had tons of energy.

10) What are your favorite stretches after running? I always try to do the pigeon stretch and a hip flexor stretch. Working for Jeff Michael….I have seen firsthand what happens when we don’t stretch after a run!!!!

11) What part does running play in your life? (Are your loved ones runners?) I can’t envision a life without running and my family understands that. My husband and son don’t run but I haven’t given up on them! My daughter is finishing college and we are doing her first 10k together next month. She and I have run 5k’s in the past but she doesn’t love running, but I am hopeful she will someday.

12) Why did you start running (aka, health, family, friends, or something else entirely)? I have always enjoyed fitness. I started swimming when I was 10 and still swim twice a week. But I always envied the people who were avid runners. I just decided to join them. 13) What is your favorite cross-training activity and why? Swimming!!! There is just something I love about being in the water. It is similar to running in it’s after affects. You just feel great all day. 14) What is your biggest accomplishment or what are you most proud of in your life outside of running? I am most proud of my children. Our daughter is just about to begin life on her own and it is truly the proudest I have ever been. Our son has a learning disability so even the smallest accomplishments are huge. He makes us proud every day. My husband and I have tried our best to raise our children to be compassionate and strong individuals who face the world head-on. 15) What advice would you give a newbie runner? Don’t ever say “I can’t run”. It doesn’t have to be fast or even very far. Find a friend to run with and just put one foot in front of the other.

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