October 2016 Runner of the Month – Jennifer Kukel


1) How long have you been a runner and what sparked your interest to begin running?

I have been a runner on and off since high school. I started running to stay in shape in-between sport seasons. As I grew older I started running to help with weight loss and clear my head.

2) Where are some of your favorite places to run?

My favorite places to run is the beach and vacations. I love the different places it makes the run more interesting.

3) What is your “fuel” of choice (aka pre/post workout meals, supplements, etc)? What are your favorite recovery foods after running?

I drink pre workout from ID life and eat a bar. Post workout is a protein shake from ID life.

4) What are some of your goals/accomplishments as a runner?
My goals in running would be to qualify for Boston marathon.

My accomplishments in running is that after having a dislocated knee and struggling for a year and being told I will never run again. After weight loss and hard work now I run competitively and place in races.

5) What are two hobbies outside of running you enjoy doing?
My hobbies besides running is paddle boarding and biking.

6) What do you love most about running?

What I love most about running is that it’s the only time I have to myself to reflect on my day. It’s quiet and peaceful.

7) What’s your most embarrassing running moment?

My most embarrassing running moment was when I was doing the Disney marathon and I was in the wrong area and it was close to the start so I ended up running 2 miles before it even started and I started to panic I was going to get where I needed in time.

8) How do you juggle busy life/running?
It is hard to fit running with being a busy mom but I get up early to run or even run late at night because I am always training for a race.

9) What’s your favorite race and why?

My favorite race was the Chicago marathon.

10) What are your favorite stretches after running?

My favorite stretch after running is stretch my hamstrings and hips.

11) What part does running play in your life?  (Are your loved ones runners?)
Running is a very important part of my life. I was the only person in my family to run and before my father passed away he loved to watch me run competitively. Now several people in my family are now runners because of me.

12) Why did you start running (aka, health, family, friends, or something else entirely)?

After I had my kids running was important for me to get healthy and lose weight.

13) What is your favorite cross-training activity and why?

My favorite cross training  activity is Crossfit.  It works multi muscles and cardio it helps my running.

14) What is your biggest accomplishment or what are you most proud of in your life outside of running?

My biggest running accomplishment is completing my first marathon since I was told I could never run again.  To cross that finish line was the proudest I ever felt. It was so hard to train for it and I was so tired but there was no better feeling then crossing that finish line.

15) What advice would you give a newbie runner?

Advice for a new runner would be to start out slow and work your way to your goal and be proud of every mile you do. One foot in front of the other.

16) Where is the farthest place you ever entered in for a race? (asked by Leah Fuller)

Breckenridge,  Colorado

17) What is your favorite running music (asked by Jennifer Kukel)

My favorite running music is old school rap lol


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