February 2017 Runner of the Month – Jenna Faller


1) How long have you been a runner and what sparked your interest to begin running?  I’ve been running for about 5 years now.  I really needed to lose weight, so I joined a gym and then just randomly went out to run one day (it was terrible).  But I kept with it and eventually worked my way from running a block/walking a block to a half-marathon!  Who knew?!?

2) Where are some of your favorite places to runI love running in new places when I go on vacation, but I enjoy running in different areas in Ocean Pines.  I absolutely love running on the boardwalk.  There’s nothing quite like having the ocean, sand, and waves nearby to keep me going.

3) What is your “fuel” of choice (aka pre/post workout meals, supplements, etc)? What are your favorite recovery foods after running?  Prior to running I usually eat a banana or a protein bar.  I don’t really have a set of post running foods.  

4) What are some of your goals/accomplishments as a runner? My biggest accomplishment as a runner (so far) has been completing my first ½ marathon in Virginia Beach (Shamrock ½).  Also another major accomplishment was completing the Dewey Beach duathlon this past September which was my first multi-sport race.  

5) What are two hobbies outside of running you enjoy doing?  When I’m not exercising I enjoy reading, traveling, stand-up paddle boarding, spending time with family, and relaxing on the beach.

6) What do you love most about running? That no matter what day I go out for a run and finish, there is always a sense of accomplishment!

7)  What is your favorite “go to” running mileage?  Definitely 3.1…..I can go longer, but this distance is my go-to!

8) What’s your most embarrassing running moment? I’m probably jinxing myself by saying this, but I honestly don’t have one…..

9) How do you juggle busy life/running?  I have made exercising my daily routine, so I try to stick to either running or Crossfit every day after school and Saturday mornings.   

10) What’s your favorite race and why?  I love running the Winterfest of Lights 5k each year in Ocean City.  It’s so much fun running through the lights! 

11) Why did you start running (aka, health, family, friends, or something else entirely)?  I started running to lose weight.  Now I continue running because I like to eat!

12) What is your favorite cross-training activity and why?  I joined Crossfit Ocean City a few months ago and I absolutely love it.  Every WOD challenges and has helped me become a better runner.

13) What is your biggest accomplishment or what are you most proud of in your life outside of running?  I’m a teacher so when a student says thank you; I feel a sense of accomplishment J

14) What advice would you give a newbie runner?  Running is hard…..don’t give up!

Following questions were asked by previous interviewees….

15)  Where is the farthest place you ever entered in for a race? (asked by Leah Fuller)  My farthest destination race (so far) was the Shamrock Virginia Beach ½ Marathon.

16) What is your favorite running music (asked by Jennifer Kukel) I love listening to upbeat stations on iheartradio!

17) What type of running shoe do you wear? (asked by Marie Bahno) Asics

18) What is the strangest race you’ve ever run? (asked by Vincent Pavic)  I haven’t run any strange races…..

19) What do you say to yourself when you get in that negative space in your head during a run? Do you have a mantra?   (Asked by Deb Conran)  “You’ve got this!”

Jenna wants to know…..

Q:  Three words that describe your running:  Exhilarating, Intense, Challenging

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