March 2017 Running of the Month – Bob Monaco

1) How long have you been a runner and what sparked your interest to begin running?
I started running 17 years ago after my nephew bet that I couldn’t run a half marathon. I started training and was instantly hooked on running! I have run 35 half marathons since! I became a triathlete 5 years ago and an Ironman two years ago.

2) Where are some of your favorite places to run?
On Long Island there is a paved and parallel dirt trail that runs from the north shore of Long Island to the south shore. It is one of my favorites to run with my German Short Haired Pointer Jake. I also love running in Central Park. But lets not forget the nice flat, paved roads of Ocean Pines!!

3) What is your “fuel” of choice (aka pre/post workout meals, supplements, etc)? What are your favorite recovery foods after running?
Ah, I have worked very, very hard on nutrition over the past few years! Especially after getting sick to my stomach during my first Ironman run! I currently go gluten free as much as possible before a race. Pre-race dinner is grilled chicken and gluten free pasta. Race morning meal is a gluten free muffin and coffee. I gave up on Gatorade, and as per a recommendation by Chris Llinas I now use EFS sports drink exclusively. I carry a hand held bottle for long runs and races. It has a lot less sugar than Gatorade and more electrolytes and calories. I also use Carboom energy gel. It is more natural and easier on the stomach than Gu.

4) What are some of your goals/accomplishments as a runner?
I have completed 35 half marathons, 3 full marathons, 6 half ironman and 2 full ironman races. This year is a big race year: I already ran a full marathon two weeks ago and I have a 25 k, 3 more half marathons (including the Dorchester Crabby Half and NYC Half), Quassy half ironman, Lake Placid full ironman and then NYC full marathon!

5) What are two hobbies outside of running you enjoy doing?
Does biking and swimming count?? Lol. Besides training I enjoy my job – a veterinarian and I enjoy gardening, family time and my pets.

6) What do you love most about running?
It’s so simple and primitive!

7) What is your favorite “go to” running mileage?
Hmm, it all depends on what I am training for, but I like 10 mile runs.

8) What’s your most embarrassing running moment?
My hair might have been messy during a windy race.

9) How do you juggle busy life/running?
Basically I work, train and sleep!! If I can sneak out during lunch at my office it frees up family time after work.

10) What’s your favorite race and why?
I guess NYC marathon because it is so exciting. I will be running it for the second time this year.

11) Why did you start running (aka, health, family, friends, or something else entirely)?
It was really a bet that I couldn’t run a half marathon, but I soon saw the health benefits of running.

12) What is your favorite cross-training activity and why?
Biking. It is great exercise, it is exciting to bike fast and it doesn’t beat you up as much as running.

13) What is your biggest accomplishment or what are you most proud of in your life outside of running?
That’s an easy one. I am fortunate to be a Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners with a specialty in Avian (bird) Medicine. There are only about 125 of us worldwide. It is “wicked hard” to become boarded.

14) What advice would you give a newbie runner?
Running can suck in the beginning. But it gets easier and easier as time goes on. Keep at it and join a running club like Ocean City running Club!

Following questions were asked by previous interviewees….

15) Where is the farthest place you ever entered in for a race? (asked by Leah Fuller)
I haven’t really traveled that far. I guess Philly for a half marathon and this year Lake Placid for an Ironman.

16) What is your favorite running music (asked by Jennifer Kukel)
Don’t laugh but Heavy metal – the heavier the better!!

17) What type of running shoe do you wear? (asked by Marie Bahno)
Currently the minimalist Saucony Kinvara 7.

18) What is the strangest race you’ve ever run? (asked by Vincent Pavic)
Definitely Ironman Maryland 2016. We ran the marathon in knee deep water for long stretches. I have videos to prove it!

19) What do you say to yourself when you get in that negative space in your head during a run? Do you have a mantra?  (Asked by Deb Conran)
I just remind myself that this is just my way of life, it’s what I do.

20) Three words that describe your running (asked by Jenna Faller)
Always perfect Hair!
Special shout out: I really enjoyed racing the Hair of the Dog on New Years Day with my dog Jake, and Chuck Potter with Chase and Tracy Maccerola with Tank! It was a blast!

Bob’s bonus question is ……
21) What is your favorite season to run?
Mine is fall – I love that crisp, dry, cool autumn air. It is like rocket fuel to your body.

One comment to March 2017 Running of the Month – Bob Monaco

  • Johnny Graziano  says:

    It’s all about the hair….I have never seen it out of place, even when the swim cap comes off…its as if he had molded swim caps or something.

    I completely enjoy any opportunity to train, or race, with my Teammate Bob. Great runner, and awesome perspective.

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