April 2017 – Runner of the Month – Ginger Fleming

1) How long have you been a runner and what sparked your interest to begin running?
I was a track and field runner in high school but that was ages ago. I started running more frequently again in 2011. My friend Amy Unger had a friend who wanted to do the Baltimore Marathon Relay team and asked if I’d like to join “40 & Fabulous” team. My first official 5K was St. Patrick’s Day 5K at Shenanigans in 2011. The rest is history.

2) Where are some of your favorite places to run?
I really enjoy running on the boardwalk. The Across the Bay 10K is also another favorite run.

3) What is your “fuel” of choice (aka pre/post workout meals, supplements, etc)? What are your favorite recovery foods after running?
I don’t really have a preferred “fuel”. I try to eat healthy normally so I just try to make sure I’ve got enough carbs and proteins. After a run, I do make it a point to eat a few bananas. And beer, of course.

4) What are some of your goals/accomplishments as a runner?
My goal as a runner is to continue to run to keep healthy, both physically and mentally. I’m not out to set any records but I would like to get to a point where I can do a 30 minute 5K.

5) What are two hobbies outside of running you enjoy doing?
I enjoy paddleboarding when the weather permits. I enjoy doing anything outside, whether it being walking, running, biking, gardening, anything that gets me outdoors.

6) What do you love most about running?
I love the solitude of running. I have 2 small children and I need that hour where it’s just me, the road, and my music.

7) What is your favorite “go to” running mileage?
For 6 years, I was the 5K Queen. I loved doing them, I’d sign up for every one that I could. But training for my 1st ½ marathon brought me longer mileage training. I’d say my favorite “go to” mileage now is 5 miles.

8) What’s your most embarrassing running moment?
Not sure I have one.

9) How do you juggle busy life/running?
Juggling life/running is very difficult. I love my Saturday runs and I try to get in a few small runs during the week.

10) What’s your favorite race and why?
My favorite race has got to be the Across the Bay 10K. I’ve done them every year since they started back up. I signed up a full year before the 1st one in 2014 because I have extreme anxiety driving over the bridge so I felt what better way to conquer my fear than to run over it. It worked! And, the event is so well organized and everyone has such a great time.

11) Why did you start running (aka, health, family, friends, or something else entirely)?
I started running to give myself some me time and to keep healthy. I’m not a gym person so my running is my work out.

12) What is your favorite cross-training activity and why?
I love paddleboarding. It’s a great upper body and core work out, plus I’m on the water, which is my sanctuary. I also love yoga because it balances me mentally and helps me stretch.

13) What is your biggest accomplishment or what are you most proud of in your life outside of running?
My biggest accomplishment outside of running are my children. They ground me and make me grateful every day. To imagine that I am responsible for them being on our planet humbles me. They are my life.

14) What advice would you give a newbie runner?
Take it slow. And join the Ocean City Running Club, of course.

15) Where is the farthest place you ever entered in for a race? (asked by Leah Fuller)
I just ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon in Orlando, FL, so that would be the farthest place.

16) What is your favorite running music (asked by Jennifer Kukel)
I like anything with a good beat.

17) What type of running shoe do you wear? (asked by Marie Bahno)
I wear Asics and love them. I tried Newton’s but wasn’t too impressed.

18) What is the strangest race you’ve ever run? (asked by Vincent Pavic)
I would have to say the strangest run is the Ocean Pines Association Independence Day 5K. I’m not a huge fan of trail running.

19) What do you say to yourself when you get in that negative space in your head during a run? Do you have a mantra?  (Asked by Deb Conran)
I repeat… You got this! And I make sure I’ve got positive music playing

Ginger would like to know …..
What is your best way to increase speed and mileage?

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